Speech by the President of Evangelical Church of Indonesia (GIDI) – Rev. Dorman Wandikbo

Ladies and gentleman, my brothers and
sisters in Christ Jesus

In this historical moment to
commemorate an establishment of Evangelical Church of Indonesia (GIDI) 56 years
ago, we as whole congregation who puts faith in God must give Him glory for His

Also to be able see ourselves in the next 56 years is only by the grace of God to witness, to be in fellowship and serve according to a given motto, “GIDI people must enter heaven” with the theme, known as

“The Mission has not finished yet.”

GIDI congregation ought to
give gratitude to our historical actors, the priests and spiritual figures who
had stand together with us until today –This is including the missionaries who
came all the way from their home countries to be a part of this land, they
decided to stay in the land and therefore today Papuans are able to work and
serve everywhere because of your deed work, spreading of the Good News and your
sacrifices. We give our respect and gratitude to the founders of the church, the
hero of faith in all generations. Recalling back to February, 12, 1963 where
the first conference was initiated, this conference was nothing compared to the
current conference, people were celebrating it in simplicity by only wearing
traditional attributes, koteka (male)
& sali (female). But today we are
who we are because of these people have worked hard and paid the price.

Ladies and
gentleman, our honorable guests in Christ Jesus, we all believe that our
foundation of faith was initially built by our notables and it’s rooted strong.
Now, we are committed to build and continue working on the mission of the
Kingdom of God in this land. Even though, our children and grandchildren have
been facing challenges since 2000 until 2018 where our generation was entering
a political reformation in Papua, we faced several challenges due to this
reformation. Many of us were prisoned, reformation of public media evolved
pornography, which then introduced HIV and divorce everywhere. Also,
reformation caused tribal division where now tribal wars are common, including
war between groups, races, religions, for example a practice of radicalism of
one particular religion has brought this nation to chaos just like what
happened couple of years ago in Tolikara. But our generation will fear no more
because God established this church, so He will surely protect and take care of
His church in order to continue His work/mission. Therefore, in this special
moment of celebrating the 18th conference of GIDI, I challenge
everyone to be prepared to overcome obstacles and to be ready for opportunities
in the future.

Ladies and gentlemen, honorable guests in Christ Jesus, we have learned from our past experiences that it is important to express and formulate the guidelines wisely. Purposely for GIDI people to rise up for the Gospel, to walk along with Jesus Christ, the Lord. Because within the Gospel of Christ today, our desire is for GIDI church is to be a blessing for other nations. GIDI church has been praying for Kalimantan, Sulawesi, the island of Java, Ambon and the Indonesian archipelago in order to hear the Good News of Christ. We also have heart for mission for people in South Africa, Aboriginal tribes in Australia, Papua New Guinea, Pakistan, Netherland, Nigeria, Uganda and other nations. It is our heart desire to spread the Gospel to other nations, to nations that God calls us to go according to His Word written in

Acts 1: 8.

ladies and gentlemen in Christ Jesus, in this opportunity I urge you to stop
interfering the church from working towards the vision of God, do not also stop
the church to speak up for justice in this land. To our honorable guests,
especially the head of the provincial police, in this moment, I would like to
ask for a special request to stop detaining this church/denomination and head
of the synods under the national law. Please do not drag God’s church to the
court. In this opportunity I would like to tell the head of the police that the
church is considered as the last pillars that stand to protect this land. And
also to protect and sustain the integrity and unity of our dignity to be
respected as human being in this land. If the church is allegedly being courted
then what foundation will we be depended on to protect ourselves in our

The question is why churches, such as KINGMI, Baptist and GIDI are continually targeted for investigation in the land of Papua?  These three denominations are being stigmatized as separatists while these churches are actually standing up and speaking for the weak; the church supposed to give hope to the hopeless.

once again my question is actually where does GIDI stand its ground, who does
GIDI stand for? And to whom does GIDI minister?
It will be even worst if GIDI’s pastors start playing roles as rulers
and oppressors towards the minority in this land. It is also dangerous if
cadres of the church get intervened to take over the ministry. Church doesn’t
teach theology of the nation, instead GIDI church teaches the theology of the
Gospel. Gospel can free people from sickness and hopelessness. Because we
believe that the church teaches about the absolute and essential truth.

my brothers and sisters in Christ, I respect a vision of Mr. Governor of Papua,
stated as “Papua is a peaceful land”. And to achieve this vision, it requires a
great commitment and cooperation between our government and the church. Later
in order to achieve Papua as peaceful land, land of the Gospel, a land full of
blessings. It is not possible to achieve the vision, if these paradigms are

Actually, establishment of the church is purposely to stand for those
who are oppressed.  Therefore, the
government and the church must work in partnership, so if the government
commits to sin, so does the church. In accordance to this, God shows His power
and love to give strength to those who are weak, poor to become rich, deceive
to be transformed by the Gospel through church. So, this is the reason why
church is here among the people in this land. Honestly, this church has a great
contribution, in which has offered its best assets of human resources to this
country of Indonesia (NKRI). Many of its members are currently held crucial
positions, including the governor of Papua, chairman of the parliament and its
representatives, head of customary council and its members, and number of the
head of regions in Papua are all members of the GIDI.

Ladies and gentlemen and our
honorable guests in our Lord Jesus Christ, and in this moment, founders of the
church have stated their ideology on gospel. At the primer establishment of the
indigenous church that civilization from God could transform lives of the
indigenous people in this land. It was a radical decision of faith, which had
taken without any compromises professed by the former generations.

There is nothing extraordinary about the election of the president and vise president of GIDI that is taking part in this conference currently. What extraordinary is our Lord Jesus Christ, God is the true founder of the church, He is the master plan of this church and He will also end this church in His due time. Therefore to all the members of the conference, our guests in our Lord Christ Jesus who could make time in this era of election and revival, also to all mankind in this land, to all who are saved by the Gospel generally in Indonesia that the evangelical church of Indonesia is growing and evolving in Christ from time to time. And the spirit of the gospel that has been branched out was able to establish an indigenous church that is independent, autonomy and democracy that applies the governmental system as well as the congregational and Presbyterian systems. Dated back to its historical day on February 12, 1963, the founders of first established Indigenous church had made a highest decision to proclaim and make statement that,

“We want to stand on our own feet” 

In accordance to this, to all the younger generation I encourage you to protect the theme of GIDI today, “Mission of the Gospel is not finished yet” and I am representing the future generation and also representing older generation to stand in unity. I would like to tell you in this special moment to the GIDI church that,

“One king, one God, one faith, one love, one hope, one GIDI, one family in Christ Jesus.”

Christ Jesus Bless You All, Good Afternoon !

(Translated By : Hoerlina Pahabol)




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